WBDW Rules






Trade Deadline:








1st - $1200, 2nd - $800, 3rd - $400

PPR (all scoring settings)

10 Starters (1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE, 3 Flex). 15 Bench

All trades will be approved. However, if a trade is determined to be collusion or abuse by the commissioner, it will be disallowed. Draft pick trading is allowed up to 2 years in advance. For example, 2026 draft pick trading would be enabled once the 2024 season begins in March 2024.

Trading is not allowed during the playoffs (weeks 15-17).

F.A.A.B. ($100 - resets after the draft each year). Waivers process at 7pm each day except Tuesday and Sunday. On Tuesday players are locked and on Sunday all eligible players are free agents.

The regular season will be weeks 1-14. Each team will play 8 non-division opponents once and 3 division opponents twice. Divisions are randomized at the beginning of each year. For division opponents, you will not play the same team twice in a row.

Each week every team can go 0-2, 1-1, or 2-0. Everyone will play a normal matchup against another owner but will also be competing against the rest of the league each week. The top 6 scoring teams each week will receive an additional win while the bottom 6 teams will receive an additional loss. In the unlikely event that multiple teams are tied for 6th or better in a given week, they will all receive a tie.

The playoffs will be weeks 15-17. The top 6 teams from the regular season will qualify for the playoffs with the 1 and 2 seed getting a bye in the first round.

The lowest scoring non-playoff team (including bench) for the regular season (weeks 1-14) will be awarded the first pick in the following year’s rookie draft. With this rule, there is no reason an owner should be attempting to lose an individual matchup i.e. tanking. If an owner is intentionally starting players who are OUT, the commissioner will step in and set the team’s lineup to the highest projection for that week. This rule does not apply to owners who accidentally start a player who is ruled out right before their game. However, if this happens repeatedly it will be addressed by the commissioner.

Beer Mile - completed in under 12 minutes. The losing owner's roster is completely locked (no trades, no FAAB claims, no setting their lineup, etc.) until the punishment is completed. The punishment is considered completed if the owner makes 3 legitimate efforts but is unable to break 12 minutes.